Michael Lee Oliver — Detroit, Michigan

When I first met this jerk it was love at first sight, When we got together all my love had to his name was the clothes on his back. So I bought even everything under the sun, All I got in return for giving him my love and taking him, Well let me tell you all he did was cheat on me behind my back and played me for stupid the whole entire time, How the h**l is that love.

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  1. All he ever wants is head and bootyholes. He NEVER wants p***y. It’s clear as day that dude is gay and has been f*****g bootyholes in prison. He cheated on me too f*****g b*m all he cares about is your money and what you can do for him meanwhile he ALWAYS had ten b*****s waiting in line for THEIR TURN. He does this because he knows a girl will eventually get tired of his s**t and leave his cheating no good a*s. It doesn’t matter to him though because he ALWAYS had ten b*****s on the side ready to take my place. I guess it’s PIMP OR DIE.

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