Lisa Six – Michigan

She takes on everyone not worrying about the lives she destroys. Doesn’t care how bad she screws if her family

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  1. she’s seen here trolling for men on plentyoffish, she likes the ones with pictures even though she’s reluctant to post one herself. She stays on that puter when she’s not meeting up with suckers. She has a smokers cough and will drink you broke and then still get you to cough up your last dollar to keep her connected. just so u know.

  2. This is rubbish!
    That’s my sister you’re talking about and I can assure you she only takes on some, those who dare accuse her of taking on everyone. If any of this were true she couldn’t chill and surf the net, kick back, click away and stream. Trust me, I’m older,we used to live together and she was always eating up my bandwidth!

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