Desmond Harris Jr. – Detroit, Michigan

He didn’t catch a case when he beat the b***h down and is thinking of trying his pimp hand on a couple more b*****s. He cheats on his baby mamma, knocks out her top tooth. Maybe tomorrow be good too, he just sold his girl dog and is gonna holla, see if he can’t double up his chump change, He gonna sell a little dope, today, stack his little bit of cheese. He feels really lucky, maybe plays the lottery first then he doesn’t gotta worry about no police. He feels like he already won, feels like spitting on a b***h, shows her who da boss.

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  1. That D-man! He a low level dopeboy that talk up his game an smack his b*****s around pretty good. I hear he got another case for packin some heat. He always cut his dope so bad aint no dope left for the pipe. Wanna be n***a

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