Cheyenne Durri – Windsor, Michigan

This girl needs to be locked up in the asylum facility literally. As funny as it sounds, she would act normal then suddenly acts violently, make up lies to get you fired from you job like false accusation (sexual harassment) then she plays the mental problems card/anxiety to get away from her mess. This girl is delusional and her looks will trick guys thinking she’s hot but her body is unexplained. She cheats on every relationship as a hobby and no one knows the number of guys she slept with. She made female enemies because they wouldn’t lend her money to buy drugs. She thinks doing drugs is the escape of reality. She cannot be alone in public. She’s also bipolar and out of control. People feel sorry for her because she plays the innocent card. Beware of this phony. She will literally make up stories to play the victim game. She will date anyone who has money so she can escape the real world by an idiot. She’s a thief but very afraid from the Law as she knows if the law gets their hands on her she will be put down to a mental hospital.

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