Anthony Toreli – MI Cheater

He abused me for 15 yrs robbed me blind after in had custody of his mixed nieces & nephews he was arrested for domestic violence even a ppo was issued he missed his kids being born because of him I almost lost my life hemriging our babies alone code 5 in an ambulance I refused a blood transfusion luckly I survived he traumatized me for yrs played sick games but most of all hurt my family my pet & innocent unborn babies he threatened to hurt me if I did n grt to of the babies the anxiety caused early labor during a court case where a ppo was issued on the spot thats how traumatizing it was unfortunalty our county he works for happend to be his fam so while I was fighting for my life my vase was thrown out cause I was in an ambulance barely holding on for life everyone needs to know hes got mental problems from being in a coma from swallowing pills from an attempted suicide so please ladies spare your life & run g*d bless greatful g*d spared mine even w out a blood trasnsfusion

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