Angel Nichole Daly – Michigan

Angel Nichole Daly is currently pursing my Husband. I’m sure he is helping since this is kinda his M.O. last year it was a woman named Doreen Holbrook who came to my house enjoyed my hospitality with her husband and children while carrying on with his dumb a*s. Let it be know this man is never leaving me EVER contrary to what he tells these poor women. But this b***h is next level dirty. She’s on facebook and the only one or at least only one with that name in Michigan. To my knowledge she has a boyfriend or husband which is why she can’t contact my husband on the weekends.

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  1. She’s not asleep. Angel holds real still and lets bugs land on her, then marks the spot with a permanent tattoo. A few married men have landed on her, one just recently. He left his old lady at home, as usual, and told Angel he was through with her a*s. She’s heard it all before, they’re always going to leave their wives for her but never do, that’s why she’s spending more and more time collecting bugs. Her back is covered in tats, now she’s working on her legs.

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