Alex Abazid — Detroit, Michigan

He walks around like he’s gods gift to woman. D**k sores! This a*****e hired a prostitute to give him an exam as she could diagnose him. He really wanted s*x, but couldn’t afford a motel room and the $30 for her services, he had just paid his mom the rent money. The w***e didn’t like what she saw, bumps, warts and a greenish drip from his d**k tip. She knew he had been cheating. She refused to have s*x even with a condom. He got mad but she already had the money and got the f**k out of there before he could touch her with his hands.

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  1. Alex was high-fiving himself. He just got a hooker to lick his a*****e for $5. The whole bar was laughing because they knew something Alex didn’t seem to catch onto in his cheap wine stupor. He had just got his a*****e licked by a tranny who has drd’s, right in the alley behind the bar. It would have been great if the camera had picked it up, but the angle was wrong. Alex is going to have a sick hole.

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