Sergio Domínguez – Sonora, Mexico

Be careful with this man who cheats on his family and wife and sends photos that nobody wants to see but I upload them so they can see that I’m not lying. He wants only one thing and it’s s*x with women smaller than him, he says he buys you what you want and then it’s not true, care girls. Thank you

Tengan cuidado con este hombre que engaña a su familia y esposa y manda fotos que nadie quiere ver pero la subo para que miren que no miento. Quiere una sola cosa y es sexo con mujeres más chicas que el, dice que te compra lo que tú quieras y después no es cierto, cuidado muchachas. Gracias

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  1. He want a bigger p***s, how much? He asked santa for nine, only 4 1/2 mor than he got.
    He forgot to leave out some cookies an milk but tell santa he would. don’t lie to santa and don’t lie to prostitoots. That make them loco and loca boths

  2. Sergio, put some pants on, you’re scaring little nina! and exciting the burro! and making lots of amigos choke on their burritos! and leaving little to the imagination! and not getting any younger! and we see your little green panties hanging on the doorknob! and you’re not fooling anyone! and this has got to stop! Comprende?

  3. Sergio got kicked out of the caravan and was practicing with his first smart phone when he accidentally snapped and sent before he really knew what he had done. He’s going to put on some clothes and rejoin, document his way to free health care and plenty of jobs. He knows there are nude beaches in California and he wants to live near one of them, visit them in his days off from roofing, sun his old tired bone

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