Zaida Velez — Clinton, Massachusetts

This w***e f****d my boyfriend and didn’t get a penny, she’s been downgraded to s**t status. I don’t count the beers because she usually brought cocaine to the party. The threesomes and orgies were okay but, when she f****d my man without me there, that crossed a line with me. Her man was in jail, again, for beating up his brother, a drunken hilljack. I wasn’t there to see if he used a condom or if they kissed on the mouth. There are some things that are not acceptable with swingers, those are two no-nos. For all, I know she could be an infected c**t and he seems to really like a**l with her, she lets him slam it home.

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  1. D**n, slammin’ a**l, what a swinger! She look like a regular w***e and she be swinging through the bedrooms like Jane on the vine. Zaida the jungle girl – swinger !!

  2. Zaida been downgraded and stating over. B******s are back to $5, s*x is $10 and a**l is $12 until she can pump up a little cash for the clinic to sandblast the warts off her coochie. Get it while it’s NOT healthy, at these prices you can afford to wear two rubbers.

  3. Zaida thinks the shades hide the f****d up person wearing them. She’s a tramp who went overboard in her harassment and constantly pursued my husband until he lost his f*****g mind and gave her some d**k. She’s a super s**t who is now featured on Chaturbate, a live cam p**n site where she slams herself with big toys for tokens.

  4. What kind of w***e f***s someone and doesn’t get a penny? She must have dropped out of W***E 101, it states right away: whores are to get the money up front, even before the roscoe gets wrapped in rubber, which is number 2, roscoes must be wrapped in rubber!

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