Veronica Savage — Charlton, Massachusetts

Veronica was excited to get the fairly swollen c**k shot by text. The man had only been married for a couple of months, or so, and she was going to get that d**k away from his wife real soon, into her mouth and sweaty holes. It was almost like being a newlywed herself. She stripped off her top for the new pic she was sending him, showing her creamy white skin and double chin, she practiced swallowing to loosen up and snapped another. She was excited and didn’t let the fact that he had kids and was going to cheat on his wife enter her thoughts, she was starving for some d**k. She offered more bait, snapped a pic with her mouth slightly open and her eye winking. C*m, get it off, that’s what she wanted, that’s the message she wanted to project, she was playing easy to get and it got her moist. She would probably have to m********e again, or she would try and rape him as soon as she got in the car. She was already rubbing as she hurried to the bed and sank into the mattress, her fist squishing around her gaping hole. She was a s**t ever since she can remember.

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  1. Veronica gets out of the shower after s*x with a cheater and dries off and waits for about fifteen minutes to cool down before getting dressed. Then she dries her crotch again and gets dressed. By the time she’s dressed she needs to change panties, she can never get all that c*m out of her.

  2. She’s a c**k w***e for sure, a cheater and a liar. She told me to my face that she and my husband were just friends and nothing more, even after he had admitted to having the affair with this s***k, Veronica Savage.

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