Sarah Price — Boston, Massachusetts

Emotionally aloof, self-centered, self-serving, and self-absorbed. By and far, the most selfish person I’ve ever had the displeasure of doing service with. That’s right, “service.” You are nothing more than an object, body, robot, or servant to her. She’s charming, caring, compassionate, and loving at first, but, that’s just her facade. I’d never felt the love from someone so strong / so fast before; alas, it was fake-love. I’d never thought someone could fabricate love until I met her. She later admitted that she “idealized” me, and was just “going through the motions to get to a relationship.” She just wanted to “feel liked and in a relationship” without any regard for me. I later learned this pattern wasn’t isolated as she’s had numerous relationship issues, and has spent little of her adult life single, just going from failed relationship to failed relationship without introspection or self-growth. Her good friend even told her she shouldn’t be in relationships. While most relationships are predicated on real feelings, she doesn’t exhibit any. The most emotion I ever witnessed out of her, was when she broke down to me about how many people she’s pushed out of her life. I later learned that you’re pushed out if you’re no longer serving a function to her. She’s an illusionist and con artist who uses others. She has the emotional intelligence of a toddler, and, you cannot spoon-feed her accountability. The lengths she’ll go to absolve herself of personal accountability are truly impressive.

If she needs or wants something, she’ll get it by any means. If you need or want something, like, say, emotional support at a time of need, forget it. Want a shoulder to cry on when you get s****y health news, nope, you get a cold shoulder. She betrayed and left me when I most needed a partner. If it’s not on her agenda, you can forget it. Relationships are about given and take, but, she just takes takes takes. That is, unless she’s love-bombing you, with future-faking birthday presents of handwritten commitment “to be together.” She’ll give you such a lovely present so she can take long-standing celibacy of yours that she knows you will not give up until things are “serious.” Something she “appreciate[d] having out in the open.” Something she denied later, as she just lives in the moment, and the only truth to her is the one that fits the situation.

The countless times I turned down s*x with her, only to have her betray me ten hours after our first and only s*x tore my heart to shreds. This induced a trauma-bond and continued to give her the attention she seeks. I then spent two years of denial and disbelief that someone was capable of such. As a birthday wish of reconciliation two years later, she instead indicated she had no qualms about leading me on to break my sacred celibacy. Normally, when you tell someone they hurt you, and how to fix things, they’re eager to atone. Tell Sarah how she hurt you, and, you’ll learn not all humans are empathetic. She’ll feel attacked and like she’s being made to feel “like a terrible person.” Never mind how you feel—she’ll use what you tell her to just continue hurting you. It’s ALWAYS about her!

Confront her about your feelings or frustrations, and, she’ll stonewall, deny, deflect, distort, and project. She “hate[s] confrontation,” and doesn’t “battle things out with others.” Eventually, you may get through to her, and, she’ll genuinely act like she “didn’t know, didn’t think, or didn’t process.” She’ll tell you “we should have talked about that” when you did, and even reiterated digitally so it can be proved. She’ll blame you for having poor communication, even though she’s the one giving the emotionally abusive silent treatment. She’ll blame you for taking things too fast when you’re the one with the boundaries she’s violated. When you get through to her, you’re finally looking forward to her actions changing now that she “knows”…nope, they don’t waver…so, what’s it matter if she “didn’t know” then!? Here’s how it goes: I needed emotional support from you. “I didn’t think to be there for you or that I needed to be. You had consistently shown me that you were a strong person and didn’t need my sympathies.” Okay, now that you know, may I please have some support? No, you don’t get any! You see, the world revolves around her, and, she’s now the one who wants support because she didn’t know to be supportive. She will blame whatever, or whoever she can, but herself. The only thing she is genuine about is being a mind-f**k—she will drive you crazy. While you’re getting the silent treatment, she’s “heal[ing] on my[her] own” as she writes and rehearses herself a reality that contradicts her own written words, facts, logic, irrefutable evidence, or sanity. You’ll find out she heals on her own to absolve herself of personal accountability, and anything in which makes her feel like a “terrible person.” When you hear of this reality, you’re already searching through emails and texts trying to retain your sanity. She’ll tell you-you’re nitpicking or being over analytical/obsessive when you’re merely seeking truth and consistency. Thankfully, 8 times out of 10, she’s contradicted herself in writing and you realize she’s a pathological liar. Meanwhile, refute her reality with irrefutable evidence, and you’ll be labeled “mentally abusive” for making her feel like a terrible person, as you’re merely trying to deviate from her false-reality where she’s a perfect f*****g angel. Challenge her the emotionally abusive silent treatment, and, you’ll become the abuser. Show her handwritten words of her own, and, she’ll deny them to your face or blame you for misinterpreting them.

She’s proficient in deception, deflection, denial, coercion, pathological lying, stonewalling, love-bombing, future-faking, manipulation, control, gaslighting, psychological projection, cognitive dissonance, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse. Not proficient in love, empathy, remorse, or object constancy.

Never in my life had I felt suicidal thoughts until the mind-f*****g and crazy-making of Sarah Fay Price. I lost a best friend over a decade ago because of someone as disordered as Sarah, and I never understood pain and confusion so deep that the only way you can think to rid it takes your life. I took celibacy in his honor. Sarah knew this, but, Sarah stole that sacred celibacy, then abandoned me ten hours later. On top of that lovely morsel, she has no qualms about it! No remorse, no regret…just onto the next victim. Truly mind-boggling!

While I’m not entirely sure where her consciousness plays in all this, I do know that she had a troubled social upbringing and that her parents don’t seem to care about her behavior. It’s possible she was bred in an entirely toxic environment. What I am sure of, is that she needs serious professional help, as will you if you get entangled with her. Looking back, there were countless red flags I either neglected, ignored, or didn’t process in the moment.

Sarah is narcissistic with sociopathic traits and may suffer other mental health issues. I’m a strong person and have conquered many adversities in life while keeping my chin up, but, Sarah made death feel like a breath of fresh air. She has an innate ability to write herself a reality, and she lives it. Truly uncanny…I’d never seen someone force autonomy—Sarah is deathly toxic. Sarah disrespected me to the very core and killed a part of my soul. She could easily fix it, or, at the very least, give proper and decent closure, but, that’s beyond her. I’ve even told her EXACTLY how to, but, she refuses…she just doesn’t give a s**t unless it benefits her. You are easily replaceable, and, that’s the end of it. Sadly, denial of reality is her way of life and what benefits her. It’s sad that she’s probably on the run from some trauma in her youth, but, that very reflection is real, and will destroy you. She is emotionally dangerous, disturbed, and destructive.

I’ve grown a deep fear for those who come into her path. I write this to clear my conscience. She has no remorse or regard for the destruction bestowed on others. Be cautious, and tread lightly.

Be well and in health!

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  1. sarah was there for me when my d**k was at its hardest. we drank alot and tried to slow dance but kept giggling and making our way to the backseat of my car. she gives good head and didn’t even get mad when some got splattered in her hair. i lost her number but hope to see her again in the square.

  2. Sarah said she had just broken up with her ex. She was very aggressive, like she hadn’t been laid in a month or longer. She blew my phone up for weeks, acted like she wanted to put a ring in my nose. I’m a freshman and not looking to be holding someone’s hand while they spill their drama, get a life, Sarah.

  3. Sarah is clingy and needy, drama oozes from her pores. She dumped a boyfriend or got dumped by him, I can’t remember what she said even though she said it a hundred times. She just drones on and on and, finally, I had to stop seeing her, she was driving me nuts.

  4. Sarah is very convincing and had me believing I was the only one until I started googling her name and some of the facts she was telling me about her ex. Apparently she isn’t over him and is secretly trying to get back with him, cheating with me so she didn’t have to go dickless. She’s very cold and calculating, he can have her back, I’m not even mad, just wanted to warn others about her intentions.

  5. Someone tells you they haven’t had s*x since their friend killed themself, and you then leave them just after their first s*x since…after promising to be with them. Wow! Just wow! Stay away from this robot b***h!

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