Nick Nelson – Marlborough, Massachusetts

Dated him for a long time but he will literally let any guy bang him he wants. 774 707 9321. he likes to be blackmailed or talked dirty to by strangers. hes not a bad person, just clearly wants something else. have fun guys, literally anyone can get it from him he just likes to make guys c*m. google nick nelson p**n, you can find him everywhere

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  1. Nick Nelson swears that Nicole is his second cousin by a stepfather who he barely remembers, one of many – most of which didn’t even bother with the license, just called him son. Nicole c**k-blocked by accident, thwarted his attempt at humor with a young cashier selling t-shirts in the kiosk at the mall. She surprised him when she touched his shoulder and said hi; he jumped and lost eye contact as the cashier engaged another passerby and totally pretended as if Nick was no longer there. How was he ever going to come out in the atrium of the mall and not feel jumpy in all that openness, this was going to his next question with his therapist. He headed for the coat factory to get a scarf to match his windbreaker.

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