Janelle Wilson — Worcester, Massechusetts

Janelle runs the show at work, a men’s halfway house where guys will lick her boots to get in her good graces. She often takes advantage of the position, she wants to experience the power. At home, she’s the property of her man, her baby daddy, who keeps her collared and often has her walking around with a vibrating b**t plug inserted in her big a*s. She knows her place and speaks when spoken to, takes orders and is dominated routinely. He doesn’t like the fact that she was charged with sexual harassment at work, where she had an inmate sent back to prison because he refused to f**k her in the a*s. He was almost out and wanted to f**k his boyfriend in the a*s, not her. She lied and said he refused a direct order. Her man made her suck his toes for a week and the b******g got bigger and she took it out only to take a s**t. He wants her to know who’s boss, he wore her panties and made her wear his boxers. He doesn’t want her to forget she’s the dirty s**t and he’s her fairy Dom.

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  1. sound like she pretty f****d up in the head. i heard they can get addicted to those toys and cant even respond to regular dicks after the go electric or energizer bunny on the tender parts, they turn to callous.

  2. D**n, old girl probly walk crooked with all that s**t stuck up her a*s. Ain’t nobody gettin’ early release this month! This b***h gonna make em bust rocks an s**t, work on her farm and help her old man get it hard again.

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