Jamie Epstein — Marlborough, Massachusetts

Jamie is a cheating s**t but hides it by saying she has a boyfriend, who she’s with when it fits her schedule. Her schedule stays full with work and strange d**k, but she slips him in when she’s free. A dirty girl who feels that she’s missed out on a lot of c***s and wants to get in as much as she can while she’s still single. She prefers hooking up f*****g and hurrying off to reflect, was that the right d**k for her, she’s so unsure, maybe she’ll f**k her boyfriend this weekend…

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  1. yeah, she a trick-a*s b***h sell her p***y and give hed jobs to puerto ricans for money. she never say she got boyfriend just trying to earn some moniy for school and books she say they very expensive now these days.

  2. Jamie said she will swallow if the price is right. I just don’t know if that makes her more or less of a s**t and maybe it’s just good business, she earns $5 more for sure and there’s no need for a towlette, afterwards. Go Jamie !

  3. Her boyfriend might get tired of being number two or three or … it’s hard to say how much this little tramp gets around, but her reputation is starting to precede her cheating a*s.

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