Gregg Howard – Massachusetts

Gregg Howard of Walpole Ma, employed with State Street Bank (Boston, Ma) is married with 2 children. His fling is also married with 2 children. Both attended Bentley University after which they began an affair in 2003 when The fling’s husband was deployed with the military. The 2 parted ways upon the husband’s return but reconnected in 2013 for an affair that took them to midday hotel meets (while they were supposed to be working by the way, from home). They wasted money from their families, time from their families, destroyed trust, cheated their employers and permanently damaged people’s lives. They lied about their affair, their relationship, and their antics. Gregg is nothing short of a pathetic little man, who facebooks women and builds cheap relationships while his wife takes care of his kids and his fling is a selfish, calculating woman who willingly blows up her own family. Look’em up if your a loser with a cheap story to cover simple bad behavior, you’ll be perfect for either of them! And every time this entry is removed I will repost and add more details specific to the individuals, ya know, to help the network of idiots expand and connect.

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  1. Gregg is a nasty m**********r who likes to get fingered in the b**t while he gets his d**k sucked. Said his job at the bank is stressful and his wife doesn’t like getting her fingers dirty and she can’t suck like a man needs to be sucked. He’ll be leaving her a*s as soon as the kids are older, he likes men.

  2. Gregg is just another man who thinks know one else is as smart as he thinks he is, likes to mansplain things to women and is always rubbing himself at work. Other women are always checcking to see if he’s walking around with a little hard-on, he thinks they want him but they’re really trying to avoid this pervert. He’s pretty much given up on his family for his new boyfriend, Dukey.

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