Doug Hammer — Lynn, Massachusetts

I”m sure this guy looks VERY familiar to a lot of you and that’s because he dates and goes to bed with EVERYONE! This guy is the world’s LARGEST pathological liar and CHEATER!!! He will screw anyone and never think twice about it. He has a very SMALL c**k

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  1. The scorned woman always says he has a small d**k. I’m a man and not scorned, I just didn’t want Doug’s small d**k. That lady wasn’t lying, his s**t is tiny. He said he had never been with a man, then he said he had never been with areal man. That’s more like the truth. But, a real man likes real d**k and Doug is not working with much. Sorry Doug!

  2. No, he does have a small d**k and he didn’t scorn me he scammed me out of $500 for a loan until tax time. It came and went and we had s*x 1 time in between. It was soryy and sad like Doug, he still owes me $200. A*****e!

  3. Don’t let Dougie fool you with all the stories of women wanting to jump his bone, he pays whores and they lie about how they met if things work out. Dougie has a low tolerance for drugs and girls take advantage of him when he nods off to sleep. He tries to only hook up with girls new to the streets, weed heads are his favorite, he’s been beat up too many times in bars.

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