Debbie McInnes – Groveland, Massachusetts

Debbie met my fiancé at her grandmother’s funeral and then began Facebook messaging him. Sending good morning good night messages, brining food to his work, sending pictures of her t**s and a*s through Facebook messenger. She was a teen mom and can’t keep her fire crotch closed. She works with kids in special ed, yet rips apart families with special needs children. She seems pretty lonely and desperate and easily manipulated by Facebook flattery. If you are looking to cheat easy, she’s your person.

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  1. She likes popcorn with extra butter. Microwave is ok but add more butter.
    Flatter with facebook kindness and get a big bucket of popcorn
    Do that and Debbie’s all yours, firebox and all buttery sweetness
    She won jr miss in high school pageant

  2. Debbie likes to say she raised her man from the dead. They met at a funeral and she stole him from his wife who she refers to as dead. It’s a halloween inspired romance that has her celebrate all saints night by using a broom handle on herself while her man watches through the key hole in the door of the haunted house they live in. He wants to move to Salem.

  3. My friend said that’s Debbie in the picture with Danielle Doe of Woburn while she’s sucking that c**k. I can’t really tell but it sure resembles her nasty a*s.

  4. Easy, sleazy Debbie finds d**k everywhere. Sure she works hard at it but the payoff is rewarding. Her favorite way to meet guys in thru facebook and she will flatter and like and like and flatter until you’re semi-hard. The nudes she sends are just enough to make you want to hook up for a nice b*****b, then you read she hooking up with married men she meets at funerals and you take two steps back. Look elsewhere, this one is f****d up!

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