Cassie Cardelle — Boston, Massachusetts

She is a s**t that will screw anything that walks and talks. Cassie comes and goes, from Boston originally, she follows the scent of money and it’s take her around the world, literally. She plays for her pay and sometimes get to pick and choose her f**k partner. Other times they flash a wad and then shoot a wad. For her, it’s mutual use, no worries, it’s all spendable.

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  1. Cassie has alot of haters, mostly jealous b*****s who cant’ suck a d**k like she can, can’t handle the long d**k like she can, girls who haven’t flown in a private jet and think gangbangs are gross. She’s fearless, been g********d on private jets more than once and thinks she qualifies for entry in the million mile high club.

  2. She’s a real tramp who likes to get right to business, have it hard, have the belt loose and be ready to let her do her little tongue rolls and humming until you pop. The quicker the better, she wants to get in your car and out, on your lap and off, she’s wet from the last two guys, ready, set blow a wad in her hole.

  3. Cassie is smart, she saves half her earnings for retirement and spends the rest on keeping her tools updated and herself. She wants to retire at 62, which gives her approximately 40-years to save. She wants to retire with at least three million dollars in the bank to support the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to, almost, she doesn’t want a private plane or a mansion. The half she spends goes toward rent, utilities, etc. And, she buys lots of panties, bras, all sexy and expensive, makeup, douches, gets her nails done, shoes, yada, yada, yada… She averages about a $100 a b*****b/f**k and limits herself to two per day. That’s $100 dollars average per day x 6, she takes 1-day off per week. That’s $600/week x 50 that goes into her savings. She gives herself 2-weeks of vacation/sick/personal days per year. Now, sharpen your calculators, math people… will she reach her savings goal for retirement? To keep things simple, we’ll say she yields 10-percent per year in interest on her savings. Will Cassie reach her savings goal by the time she turns 62, or will she fall short or overachieve? The answer may surprise a lot of whores who can earn and save. This is, not tricky math. However, a few unmentioned factors/considerations weigh in, such as: 1) will her youth and figure last forever? 2) Will her sunny attitude change after she’s sucked a thousand or ten thousand dicks? 3) Will she remain drd free? 4) Will she be abused? 5) Perhaps one of her tricks will marry her, one may tip for extras, such as swallowing or a**l or toying her with a cigar or watching her get f****d by a dog or a group of his buddies. I’m sure there are more, and the answers may surprise Cassie. Who has answers, any smart Johns ? Ho Bizness ain’t nothing new.

  4. D**n, Ho business is a lot like show business and I’ll bet some of those jet-set Saudis be throwing her a little extra to do their boys and friends and business partners, part of the show. You know, throw a dog a bone and keep it’s tail wagging for the next trick.

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