Brandy Jordan — Boston, Massachusetts

Brandy found the perfect stay-at-home work, it doesn’t require getting dressed and she can keep her kid in the other room while she gets a client off in the other room. She would have been a good attorney because she gets them all off. The pay is good but she likes not having to get up early, get dressed and commute. They come to her to c*m and pay for the play.

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  1. Brandy has put together a lesson plan for a business class she’s going to be teaching at Harvard this summer. Ho 101, h**l yes! She needs to shop for a few more outfits to teach in but the roster is already filled with students who want her knowledge in the biz. There’s talk of a second class forming, which means she’ll have to get more outfits and be working two afternoons a week plus her regular shifts which she works in her bedroom.

  2. Don’t know what’s going on with Brandy
    She’s missing a lot of appointments and
    hasn’t reported to work since 4 a.m.
    she must be sleeping it off…

  3. Brandy got dressed up to play in the snow but had to come in early when the other girls rubbed her nose in the snow pile. She squirmed and squealed but struggled to run away, her heels didn’t prevent slipping and sliding. She did learn something, though, snow might make good lube for f*****g her homeboys.

  4. Girl what you done gone and done to your hair! You used to be so nappy and skinny and now you grown an done filled out. Do your mama know what you be doin?

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