Darrell Robinson – Bowie, Maryland

Beware! Darrell Robinson of Bowie, Maryland has unprotected s*x with multiple women at the same time. He provides paperwork aka current physicals to women to get them to let him have raw s*x. He lies about being monogamous, he is a Narcissist and a LIAR and CHEATER! He was recently busted for f****** 4 women at the same time.

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  1. Darrell Robinson got arrested in Bowie, Maryland on a complaint of hurting a woman’s feelings. She was looking for exclusivity and he was thinking orgy. We ran him in and questioned him for a couple hours. We wanted to know how he gets women to go for his dumb shenanigans. He revealed everything and we took copious notes. In the end we gave him the key to the city and gave him a ride back to the hotel where three of the dumb b*****s were still waiting. He invited us in, got us b******s, and gave us an open invitation for future hijinks. His number one piece of advice was simply: find the dumbest b*****s in the group, they work the hardest and complain the least. Good advice Darrell, and Thanks again, it was a blast we won’t soon forget and can’t wait for you to line up some more stupid b*****s. Party on!

  2. Darrell got checked out at the clinic and they gave him some medicines for those nasty sores. He all clear for takeoff, drop his drawers and taxi around the motel bed looking for an open mouth. Unfasten your lips girls, Darrell ready to shoot you with his disease-free spray, then stick it in your dirty hole.

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