Scott Owen Martin – Waterville, Maine

Scott who is 43 years old and I dated for 3 years. It was the longest most emotional 3 years of my life. He was kind and loving at first, then he turned very quickly. He started to alienate me from my friends and family. Had me quit my job and stay home 24/7. If I talked to anyone who he thought was not “acceptable” I would get screamed at like I was a child. Mu 3 kids and I loved walking on egg shells for 3years. We could never do anything right. My children became scared of him by the end. When I decided to leave, he refused to leave me alone. I was alone,not dating anyone, but he would constantly text me details of the dates he went on while telling me “how much he loved me and wanted me back.” At one point he was dating this girl Melanie and he told me, “When I have *** with her, I close my eyes and pretend it’s you.” While dating her he also started dating a girl names Julie, and was just having *** with a girl names Kristen. All the while texting me, begging me to come back, driving by my home. I contemplated going back, die to the emotional arraignment he had on me. Until, he began the lies. Telling me he was home, and I would catch him out at a bar, telling me he was at work, but was out with a new girl Tracy. Then it all came to an abrupt end when I changed my number. I had to change it twice die to his constant harassing. It finally hit me this past weekend when I found out he was having *** with not only Melanie again, but a 24 year old girl.who was having *** with his employee also. Again, I remind you..he is 43!! I was sick to my stomach. I confronted him on this, to which his response was “They were a one time thing, that’s why I stopped drinking and going out, I feel awful about doing it. I know she is young and I swear it was a one time thing, I love you and want you back, what do you expect me to do?” The sad part was, I believed him. About 4 hours later I went to meet with a friend of mine who was just on a date, and she began to tell me she just saw Scott at Applebees with the 24 year old! Instant throw up. I was sick to my stomach for 3 days. What makes it so disturbing is he has a 9 year old daughter and a 21 year old son. I have lost any respect I had left for this man that I was so in love with. He is a liar, a manipulator, and a narcissistic, egotistical person. I refuse to call him a man. He is pathetic and anyone who ends up with him will be sadly mistaken and hurt more then they could ever possibly imagine. He has no idea how to love. He’s controlling and an **** pig.

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