Unskilled Mistress Wannabe

Known as New Orleans Louisiana’s Eternal Family Disappointment, Joanna Christine Barker has outdone herself this time by having a 6-month affair w/ a married father of 3. Not satisfied with simply being a directionless, butch pothead who depresses everyone around her, Joanna Barker actively pursued my best friend’s husband & was too desperate & full of daddy issues to care who she hurt. Being so unlovable must be hard, but she cannot fill the void where her soul & personality is supposed to be w/ other people’s husbands.
Skills: Unprotected s*x w/ married men; driving stoned out of her mind; f’ing anything that moves
Deficiencies: Morbidly obese w/ lots of loose skin folds & stretch marks; ugly scars all over; fried hair full of dandruff; “the profile of a bulldog” w/ a huge underbite; immature; selfish; financially irresponsible; unskilled prude in bed who was dumb enough to believe it was medication causing extreme impotence rather than her just being so undesirable

*She is the one in the middle of the photo–if you could black out the other faces or crop it I would be very greatful

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  1. Joanna has more excuses for being a cheating s**t than a hot naked girl has Mardi Gras beads. She says her medicine made her do it, but she still drives a vehicle. She claims she didn’t know he was married and says he’s the liar. She says he gave her the drd’s.

  2. All three of these girls are freaks and collect more than their share of beads at Mardi Gras. They blame it on the alcohol but they all share a middle name: cheater. It happens year round and with many married men or men already in a relationship. Joanna is the most likely to change her first, middle and last name to one, making her a diva called simply, W***E.

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