Timothy David Young, Sr. — Greenwell Springs, Louisiana

He has a 5-year-old son which he owes $23,119.38 and refuses to pay, show up for court and is into drugs and is an alcoholic. He has not made any attempt to pay child support for our son and the courts are not helping either. The courts are just letting him get away with it and it been 5 years now since I have been fighting for the child support.

Timothy David Young, Sr.
DOB: 6/27/1979
Place of Residence: Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
Hideout Location: Baton Rouge

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  1. My mom went through the same s**t with my sperm donor. They shouldn’t be allowed to eat until the kid eats, old clothes til the kid has clothes, with or without Government Assistance. Forced to work and car and phone only for work until they figure out their role in the kids life. Just saying he’ll be a sorry a*s until he’s taught, won’t figure it out on his own…

  2. tim wants to pay $5-10 dollars per week to get the s**t taken care of but only til the kid is in jr high, then he can get a job just like daddy did

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