Marshall Faulk — New Orleans, Louisiana

Makeup artist Jami Cantor is coming forward, claiming that Marshall and others at NFL Network sexually harassed, groped, and abused her. The harassment went on for a long time but wasn’t reported until October.

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  1. Say it aint so! Another groping story this one from the locker room where she was doing makeup on the ballers. Did they get her in the huddle? Did she get to play center and someone reached in for her snap? Was her Glock loaded? Did any of the players go au naturel? Where was her chaperone when all this makeup stuff was going down?

  2. This man Marshall looks like he up to something. He get a good job and he gets involved in the scandal. Ya’ll just keep your ponies in the stable til you get to the strip joint, them girls just charge a little extra to bust ya’lls broncos. That’s what the tittie bar is for so ya’ll can have a place to board your ponies.

  3. Marshall Faulk be fighting them makeup girls off when they want to dust his face with powder and touch him all up in his sack, he with the NFL and his b*****s knows it.

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