Klay Thompsons – Culver City, Louisiana

I started working for Julia Hobbs Speech Pathology in Los Angeles about a week after Kariel Thompson started there. She seemed very pleasant and offered to show me the ropes. She commented that “my girlfriend was sure pretty.” I sat my wife’s picture on the shelf behind my desk and let her know it was apicture of my wife. Before the end of the week she had invited me to have a drink with her after work. I said my wife might object to that, she commented that “we don’t have to tell her.” I declined, but thought she was being overtly bold. I googled her name and read some unflattering things about her. I’m posting this so others will know and to document my relationship with Klay just to be safe.

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  1. This b***h will sure enough try to f**k your man at the first chance she gets. Mai Luan left Julia Hobbs Speech Pathology in Los Angeles where she worked as a Speech Pathologist because Kariel kept trying to get her fiance Li to let her sit on his face. He’s just a little guy and feared being crushed by Kariel who is a s*x fiend who doesn’t keep herself clean down there.

  2. She tried to get me involved in a three way with some dude she works with and didn’t want to take no for an answer. She was drunk and started getting mean, asked me if I wasn’t man enough even though she knows I have a girlfriend and if I was going to cheat, it wouldn’t be with Klay and some other dude.

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