Heather Rachelle Hymel — Denham Springs, Louisiana

This lowlife bartender works in the Baton Rouge LA, and Denham Springs area. She’s a total lying piece of trash and a s**t of the highest degree. She also likes to swing with married men also. She is a complete w***e who is well known for targeting, picking up, going after married men that she works with. She will go after your husband and wreck your home. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets her bills paid because it’s all about using your man to pay her bills. All of them. She will look for a man with a decent life and a good job who she can go after.

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  1. I don’t go after them, they can’t keep it in their pants when they’re with me. You must not be giving them what they want or need. Put on some heels, sexy pantyhose (crotchless is my favorite) red lipstick and get on your knees girlfriend. They pay your bills and you just b***h and don’t moan. That’s why they come see me, they like it dirty and so do I, doggy is my favorite and i swallow…

    1. Are you for real with these comments?? Wow!
      what a total scumbag you must be to say s**t like this to someone’s wife. You clearly have serious issues. Sound like a real piece of s**t here

  2. This is the new outfit Heather has to wear for work. The f*****g bar is a dive but all the married men know she works there and beat a path to her because, she serves well. No measured ounces in her drinks, she lets it pour and the married men soon forget they have wives and girlfriends and start flashing there little wads to impress this calculating w***e. She f***s for free, but if they want to help her with the bills thats on them. She doesn’t even asked if they’re single, they all lie to get her next button undone.

  3. The bar is thinking of putting heather on the sidewalk to let passers know the bar is open for business. She has to wear a short t-shirt with their logo, no bra, and keep the button on her short shorts open like in the picture. I think it will be great advertising and even told them they should think about a new log which incorporates the open button, as in open for business. It’s a dive bar and we all go there for cheap drinks and to see the whores that come in to “use the restroom.”

  4. Heather just sent the doctor an update: “Look, Doc, no more crabs, thanks, that medicine you prescribed did the trick, got them peskies to all die and fall off my coochie.

    1. Lol that’s funny
      She’s/ a loser and married men don’t stay with the whores. he actually was lying to her about everything he ever said. That’s what they do so I don’t know why she didn’t buy a clue.
      I went to school with her. She has a bad reputation

      1. Ohhhhhhh really you went to school with me Jason then WHY don’t you say that s**t to MY face! Roger is the lying piece of s**t and f**k his dumbass wife! I don’t give a f**k about either because I AM VERY happy with someone else! He’s amazing

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