Cecile Smith Richardson – Maddisonville, Louisiana

Cecile Smith Richardson Is A Woman Who Will Welcome You To The Neighbour Hood With Some Pie And A Good Time And If Your A Wife Of A Man And She Welcomes You To The Neighbour Hood You Should Be Worried. She Loves To Suck C**k. I Went Through My Husbands Phone And Found Videos Of Her Giving Him Oral S*x And Him Creampie Her Pie. Its Crazy She Gives All 3 Pies Away. Did I Mention This S**t Has A Husband. How Could She Go Home Knowing She Sucked My Exs C**k And Gave Her Husband A Kiss And Yes I Said Ex He’s A No Good Lying Piece Of S**t Who Took The Pie N Filled Her Pie!! She Loves Giving Sweets Away Until It’s Not A Married Man. This B***h Really Doesn’t Give Any Single Men Desert Shes Such A Homewrecker. How Can She Live With Her Self?

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  1. Cecile likes to lick s****h and suck c**k. She welcomes all s*x and greets new potential f**k buddies to the neighborhood. She thinks cheating is good for the soul and will lick, suck, f**k, finger and try to get you off to a good start in her community of s***s and whores. She’s all over you until there’s someone else to greet, welcome to the neighborhood. Whip it out, she’ll lick it.

  2. I moved in about a week before Cecile stopped by to welcome me to the neighborhood and let me know she was available to show me around and show me a good time. She was over friendly and seemed to be nosy as h**l, kept trying to look over my shoulder and into the house and wanted to walk in and make herself comfortable. She kept asking if I was married or had a girlfriend and I finally told her I was in a long-distance relationship and my girlfriend would be joining me in the near future. She’s pushy and you have to be blunt and tell her to f**k off.

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