Ashleigh Hannah — Denham Springs, Louisiana

Ladies and gentlemen, slores and pervs, for your viewing pleasure we present Ashleigh Hannah. Don’t let this saucy little tart’s innocent and homely looks fool you. Underneath that bland and unattractive exterior lies the heart of a true HOMEWRECKER, a tramp with no morals or conscience. This pale snake not only enticed my friends husband but she did it and after babysitting their small children in their family home. It seems that nothing may be off limits as she foolishly toyed with the thought that a man over twice her age would give up a home, life and children to be with someone with ZERO moral character simply because she provided him with tasteless naked pictures of herself and some vadge. It was only after she decided to devote her well used l***a to unholy matrimony that she came clean about her demented endeavors. Folks watch out for this one… she is young but a rookie to the game she is not. This is no common floozy so cling tightly to your husbands when she is around and for the love of everything sacred, do not let her near your children.

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  1. Ashleigh don’t got much sense. After she ran out of fruit to shoot, she load up a used condom with knot at both ends an tried to shoot it off the redneck launcher. This pale character simply uploaded naked pictures of herself and some veggies that didn’t get shot off. She stopped using rubbers and got preggers. It was only after she got married to her cousins cousin and they’re expecting twin taters now. She’s very happy but is wondering if two baby daddy’s make fraternal twins. Shoot her a line and drop some knowledge on this girl if you know?

  2. Gollie,
    that last one went all the way to the river and was a personal best. This sport could be an olympic event soon, so stay tuned. Her brother is testing the waters by building a bigger version and they plan on trying pumpkins and watermelons next. Keep us updated Ashleigh

  3. Ashleigh shootin skeets to all you dumasses dont no, them aint fruits. shes practicin for the squirrl shootout at the county fair. they gives the squirrls a fightin chance ta run for they lives. Ashleigh real good her nikname is ellie and that ther is call a creek not a river. Ya’ll dumasses sho uselves roun here we make u jump that ther crrek.

  4. Lordy, we thought this girl was lost. She studying real hard to be a trap shoot assistant. It don’t pay a hole lot but you get to be outside all day and no bosses breathin down your neck. Just load them little clay birds onto the launcher and wait for when you hear em say “pull”. This is outside the workshop where they practice the craft, the real event is at the fairgrounds every year. Our little girl is takin to it real good and we’s prouder than peahens.

  5. Leave Ashleigh alone, she’s helping the shooters get in some practice for poaching and get their aggression out on some clays. This is good practice for unwanted intrusion and for dove hunting.

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