Alicia Sapp — Shreveport, Louisiana

Alicia Sapp likes to attend work seminars in Dallas and troll bars for married men to have drunken one night stands with… Then she proceeds to stalk them on Facebook after and send messages even though they go unanswered. Sadly her nerve runs out when the wife confronts her – as the piece of trash refuses to respond for “some” reason? Oh well maybe she will respond to her husband since now he’s been told & showed all the details and messages. Hopefully he’s getting the DNA test soon on his kids….

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  1. One time I had to stand all night just to see if Alicia would show up. I asked her out to see Miley Cyrus at the arena and I didn’t realize people would be camping out for hours before the show. By the time I parked the car and got in line for a ticket the place was really crowded. Alicia was going to meet me there when she got off work. Believe it or not, there was only one ticket left and my heart sank, I couldn’t buy just one ticket. I let the dude behind me get it and went to wait for Alicia to show up. There was no place to sit and I sttod for hours in the sun waiting. My date never showed and later told me her phone was dead and she had to work late. I’ve called her several times since then and it just goes to voicemail. I want her to at least return my call so we can make plans for next year.

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