Stephanie Jones — Kentucky

Stephanie f****d him once and his wife caught them and made him stop f*****g her. He didn’t stop thinking about f*****g her and she reappeared, they f****d a bunch, got caught again, now the wife says she can have the cheating b*****d. Stephanie is thrilled, she’s not going to let him stop f*****g her for a week…, then she’ll tell him he might want to get checked for one of those cheater gifts that get passed around since she was f*****g other people all along. She might have to spell it out for him, he might not catch on in the ecstasy of the rekindled moment, but he will…duh…drd’s

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  1. She’s been getting f****d by more men than just this cheater, she gets around the block even if she has to walk. The drd’s are bad man, and she used to carry crabs and sand fleas, she will make you feel itchy just thinking about those lips wrapped around your c**k. She likes to use a little sea salt to pucker up, it makes her thirsty for your c*m.

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