Michelle Meikle – Wichita

So this girl Michelle Meikle is a child abuser loving sloot, Her boyfriend beat her daughter and she’s yelling for people to “free him” even though she got both her kids taken from her; she has a four year old and a 2 month old and she says her four year old is story telling about the whole thing it makes me sick in all honesty and let’s not mention the fact she doesn’t even know who the father of her 2 month old is. Nasty slore keep your legs closed and quit letting guys abuse your children they are fuking innocent! It was your job to protect them and you can’t even get that right! Useless b***h, how can you not do the one thing right that every woman is wired to do, take your felon loving a*5 up to the court house and sign your rights over to people who can actually love and care and protect your kids cause you sure the f*k can’t, to busy trying to get your s**t wet! stupid b***h!!

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  1. This girl doesn’t have kids. This story is the result of a high school play she was in where the subject matter got somewhat dark in a play about disciplining children. The protagonist used corporal punishment and the antagonist refused to lay hands on children, saying it was immoral. Michelle played the part of the protagonist. She used a belt to strike a youngish looking freshmen who was wearing padding under his shirt. Their were gasps from the audience as she repeatedly struck the child character on the back and neck areas. One woman was so upset that she actually exited the theater and protested on the way out. I’m told that the principal tried explaining it all to her and that she would hear none of his explanation, merely fled to an exit leading to the parking lot. She was subsequently harassed in the parking lot by a couple of dropouts who were sharing a 40-oz on the curb beside her car and smoking a blunt under the streetlight. This was only discovered later when she wrote an editorial to the local paper. This lady just had a bad night but refuses to drop her resentment and misguided efforts. Michelle is still in High School and gets straight B+’s and B’s. She also takes karate classes and may have been overacting that night. She volunteers at the Salvation Army and quilts with the seniors on wedsdays. She sings in the choir and helps her fellow students with math work after school. I’ve known her for 12-minutes and she seems very sweet and innocent but, one can never be totally sure with actors! Reader beware!

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