Melinda Watkins – Spring Hill, Kansas

Watch out guys! this s**t will do you before you do her! she met me at a bar in newnan,swore up and down she was oh so single,we hung out and had fun,i found out she was still married and had 3 old marriages,she never would let me come to her house,go figure! once i went on a trip to florida,she had a key made to my monte carlo ss,she stole in and trashed the h**l out of it,she got her previous husband to come to my jobsite and throw a lugwrench through the windshield of my 1963 chevy truck,she also had several guys on the side when we dated,talk about not knowing what you want. just thought i’d let y’all know!

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  1. Watkins is just one of her last names, she’s had so many that she missed out on a check from Publisher’s Clearing House because she was getting married and not changing her name to the one she was getting married with and it didn’t get recorded before the knock came at the door. She wants to get f****d hard and have her hair pulled.

  2. Melinda try , try and try again to get it right but something always go wrong with her man. I think she get tired of him when he get tired of her after she cheat and get with his friends and don’t want him no more.

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