Melinada Degraw — Kansas City, Kansas

First off I think she hacked my FB account because I can’t get into it and then my phone got shut off. Y’all don’t know but this woman is married with 3 kids and doesn’t have an ounce of respect in her. She cheated on her husband this year with my bf. I know because I was there when they was doing it. I gave him permission. Once I found out she was married I got p****d off about it. She came over to the house a few different times to have s*x with him while she left her husband and kids at home I’m sure. Way to go Mom. Someone needs to tell her husband because I’m sure he has no idea what happened and he needs to know the truth. I hope he kicks her a*s out on the curb where she belongs. Sending my bf pictures of herself in bra, panties. She is dirty and needs a reality check because she has no respect for anyone in her life to include herself.

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  1. Melinada Degraw will cry that she is hated by other girls who are jealous of her and acts innocent. Kansas City, Kansas is where she plays her fantasy games and has threesomes for a little extra money or just for fun. You don’t need a condom if you tell her you’re clean but let me tell you this is a mistake. I was all about the fun but when I started itching and had to see the doctor it got serious and expensive. She should get checked out. I told her about it and she tried to say it was me who gave it to her but I was in relationship for six months before getting with her once and started itching.

  2. This b***h gets things done, she’s driven to cheat and still manages to hack Facebook and cook and shave her p***y and cheat with married men, not once, not twice… Go ahead and take your shoes off, because it’s more times than you can count on two hands and one foot.

  3. Melinda is weird and pronounces her own name like it’s exotic or special. I can tell you when it comes to s*x, she’s nothing special or exotic or erotic. She can’t kiss and can’t fake what she calls f*****g, it’s more like a wrestling match with a lot of grunting. Females say she is a cheater and will f**k anything wearing pants, but I think she just can’t keep a d**k in her bedroom, no one wants to be mauled.

  4. Melinda hacked into my boyfriend’s zipper and gave him a virus. Beware this dirty s**t, she knows how to troll the internet and infect relationships.

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