Kylee Bickel – Wichita, Kansas

Kylee Bickel from Wichita Kansas just lost a decent paying sugar daddy of hers. He had to kick her to the curb when she brought him bedbugs from a dive hotel where she was tricking with one of her favorites, Mark, who is a wanna-be hustler who doesn’t make more than enough to eat sleep and wash his nasty a*s. Once she gets past the stench of his underarms and crotch, Mark is the man Kylee likes cheating with most. She hardly notices the bug bites, anymore. Whatever you do don’t loan this woman any money because you will never see it again. I loaned her 40.00 dollars and it’s been 6 months and I still have not got it back. I’m sure she has sent dirty pics of herself through her x-box live. That’s how I met her in the first place.

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  1. Kylee was just about there, she thought she was going to have a real o****m. Her dude, Mark, was plunging her with a broken toy with dead batteries, when he yelled real loud and smacked at a bug that was biting him on the leg. D**n! Oh well, time to pose and attract some more paying customers. Mark was cheating on her with Bob, anyway.

  2. I sent her money for pictures and she never returned my money and I never received any pictures from her. Did she go out of business? Does anyone know? She was supposed to send me pictures of her parts that aren’t pierced. I feel like she may have ripped me off, or she could be in jail. I’m not sending any bail money, but I would like to see her in her jail stripes, mooning the camera in the mugshot.

  3. Dang, I hit that one night just before the bar closed and now I read she has bugs. I went straight home and checked everything for hours, that’s all I need, for my girlfriend to find out, I took extra precaution and wrapped my s**t up tight, too. I never even thought about bugs!

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