Kira Gnapp — Wichita, Kansas

I loved this nut head named KIRA and boy did she make my life a total living h**l, And took me to the cleaners and ripped me for everything I had of value. Our babies got took because of this c**t b***h, All she did the whole time we were together is lie, Cheat and steal. The b***h also loves to sniff gas and any and everything else she can sniff up her nose. And never leave her in your house alone with your precious husbands and children or anything else of value to you. She will turn your whole family against you because she will rob them f**k their men and take your own family to the cleaners with you and then they will take it out on and hate you.

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  1. Kira will be going to jail soon and sniffing p***y and trying to take a dykes b***h and get beat the f**k down and end up being the b***h eating p***y. She’s secretly a lesbian and it’s just a matter of time before her closet-self can become a reality.

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