Josh Martin — Kansas

Elyse Appenfeller came between Josh and his other woman, she’s the b***h he cheated with. He was having cake and eating Elyse, too. All the while, he continued to troll dating sites looking for more cookies, someone on the escort sites, someone he could crumble with lies and not have to pay very much. He already had a b***h but he couldn’t control her, she ended up having her way with him and then dumped his a*s, said Elyse or some other sloot could have him, she was through. That cookie didn’t crumble the way Josh hoped she would, but there’s always another Elyse in the on-line cookie jar. Don’t give up Josh, go find a cheating slore and lick the crusted icing off her cupcake. Her husband will probably thank you, give you two thumbs up, up your a*s.

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  1. Good thing the woman he sees now has no kids. He is so selfish and has zero clue how to be a stepdad. He couldn’t handle having to incorporate someone else’s kids. He’s clueless

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