Joe Atkins – Wichita, Kansas

I started dating Joe Atkins from Wichita Kansas in the summer 2018. Soon, I realized he lived in his moms house for free. The truck he drove around in was his Dads. The job he said he had never existed. He smoked weed non stop. Lost an organ to alcoholism. He was exstreamly violent with me at 2 different times. Always begging to come back. After my friends and family found out what he did to me no one can stand him. He was always asking for money. Over the holidays we where suppose to be together. Instead the presents I bought him had to be returned because he never showed and told me he couldn’t get a ride. What a lyer. He was constantly lying about what he was doing and who he was with. Getting the trueth out of him was impossible. He kept begging me to take him back always saying he would change. The second I told him the only way I would take him back is if he went to rehab, AA, and get a job. Lol I pretty much never heard from him again. Now I have to hire an attorney to get damages for the wall in my house he broke and a table he busted a leg out of not to mention money for medical Bill’s. He is completely worthless. Such a manipulative fool who believes no one can tell what a p.o.s he really is. Also he admitted he was f*****g his x girlfriend Olivia behind my back. Js

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