Kelly Pfohl Dubuque Senior High School Science Teacher at DCSD – Iowa

who has done sexual favors for money and drugs? She is a cheater and will have s*x with anyone and anything. I am going through a divorce because I caught her giving my husband of almost 10 years a hand job at a Mexican restaurant in Dubuque, Iowa. She has profiles on several dating sites. Kelly Pfohl is nothing more than a liar and cheater. She even did the same s$it on Nick. I was told by a friend she did the same thing to her and her 2 children were home. She has 2 kids with 2 separate dads, all of which she sold out for drugs. She likes to linger in Galena. I hope many other parents read this, along with her toxic “black widows” group. Nick died from consuming too many drugs and she keeps his b****y shirt to this day. Kelly needs a psych exam. She is nothing more than a homewrecker. She is lucky she has a sister who works for the district or she would be walking Main Street. Drug hound teaching forming minds.

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  1. She sucked me after class one Friday after the pep rally and ruined me for normal relations with a woman. She sucked 3-loads of c*m in less than 22 minutes, she’s like a Dyson vacuum with super suction! I was cleaned up and made it to the game on time. We lost but I won and will always remember her on national sweeper day.

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