Kali Jarnagin – Ames, Iowa

Kali J. likes this guy alot and is not a hater but wants him to break up with his girlfriend so he can be together with her. She dates other guys for something to do and so does her crush, she believes, until they can be together. She can’t help smiling when she sees him around town. She lets guys know she’s not looking for a boyfriend but they misread her friendliness and think they might be the one….NOPE. They start to have feelings and she’s had feelings for a long time, but only for her secret beau. She breaks hearts unintentionally.

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  1. That’s a lot of bullshit, this b***h has cheated on every guy she ever f****d.! I know she had 10 or 11 guys in the last year and a half and everyone of them got left holding his d**k after Kali got done busting their b***s. Sarren even said he had to get the drd from her and he swears he wasnt with anyone else. Don’t let the innocent look fool you, this girl is a tramp and steps all over guys. She keeps trying to trade up.

  2. I like it when she does that thing with her tongue. She has this little technique where she tries to use her tongue to tie your d**k in a knot, like it’s a cherry stem. It’s fun and she really enjoys it. It made me cream right in her mouth.

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