Melissa Rynberg — South Bend, Indiana

This is Melissa Rynberg, she professes to be some model/picture taker yet she is simply one more let down with a camera, she is on Seeking Arrangements and is laying down with men for cash! She lives with her miscreant spouse and has nothing to her name! She’s making a decent attempt to be well known so we should give her some acclaim!

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  1. lotta b*****s be playin for pay while they say they gotta man
    the man go to work and come home an she gettin outta the tub just washed off the smell of her whorin ways
    this b***h Melissa Rynberg aint no different she just South Bend, Indiana s ho gettin her money on her back and with her lips she probly swallow for a tip

  2. she’s energetic means she suck and f**k and do hand jobs and if you buy her a pedicure she give you a footsie and smile for the money shot.

  3. She say she a photographer but she always taking pictures of herself with and without cloths to send off for highest bidder. She say business slow but she going to find a pretty girl and take her picture and say she got a friend, see if that works out cause she can’t lower price, she be working for free and she want to be a professional.

  4. Yeah, snap some selfies in some skimpys and suddenly you’re a photographer and a model. Post them online as bait and before you know it there’s a nibble, then another, then a bite and the hook gets set. Real the fish in and tell him how much pay he needs to play. The fish is called John and the photographer/model/fisherwoman is called W***E. Today it’s called fishing, yesterday it was called prostitution and was illegal in most states. Wait,,,wait,,,she’s got another bite…

  5. she was seeking to marry prince charming who will give her all the candy and flowers and uber rides around the city to shop for deals on botox give her a get out of town pass when she feel like cheating in aruba

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