Maurice Whiteman – Elkhart, Indiana

OMG!! Years later from earlier post I just seen this dog is still at his old tricks!! Beware of him ladies! He is all over Facebook and all of the Harley Davidson websites and the HD Dating websites. Comments on every woman! I live in AZ and met him on Facebook he played me big time!! Of course the huge red flags: NEVER available after 5:00 or the weekends when asked about it ALWAYS has some lame excuse. Told me he loved me, he’s nevwr met another woman like me, what’s my work address he’s going to send me presents. We’d talk for hours on the phone. He would send me videos of him. I cut him loose and he’d send a video telling me he’s never worked so hard to keep a good woman! His Facebook and Instagram is nothing but women!! Beware his favorite Sarah from Norway. Lol … then came the trip he was going to make to Phoenix for Halloween! This dog is so sick he went as far as conjuring up a fake flight itinerary and sent it to me. I made reservations everywhere to make sure we had the best time the day of his flight .. he sends a text and a pic stating ..//. I missed my flight

I immediately text and ask if he’s catching the next one and what time so I can pick him up ?? Not a word from him!! He immediately blocked me from his Facebook, and ALL 5 of his phone numbers and Instagram but there’s always a way around being blocked!! Stupid men! This man had completely preyed on me Excellent Liar!! Actually a professional liar!! He took the effort to take his last pic from the airport saying he missed his flight!

His poor daughters!! What kind of fkn dad acts like this at his age?? He’s a social media stalker and preys on women! I have opened up a case on him I found out since I’m out of state from Indiana .. it’s going federal charges! Stay away from him!! It’s been several years since some of those precious incidents with him and other women AND HE’S STILL WOMANIZING!! At his age ! Shame on him and I hope his daughters don’t ever experience or meet a man such as their dad Maurice “Moe” Whiteman from Elkhart Indiana.

Women on Facebook and Harley Davidson dating sites and websites. Beware of this sexual predator!! Stay away from this pathetic old dog!!

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  1. Maurice Whiteman – Elkhart, Indiana
    He missed a flight and you don’t even give him credit for trying. First his truck wouldn’t start so he had to fire up the Harley. He slipped and slid his way to the airport but realized he had forgotten his passport. Back and forth and just missed his flight because he had to sign a few autographs for fans who saw him in BikerWorld. He was going to text you but will catch you on the next trip. It was after five and all you dumb b*****s know that’s family time, not the time to be texting side b*****s.

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