Jacquelyne Clayson — New Castle, Indiana

I met this girl on plenty of fish. She lives in New Castle, Indiana with a guy named Dustin Bell. She meets people on the internet and suckers money out of them. She told me she was a single mom with 3 kids living in a motel. I took care of her for a long time but never saw where she lived, of course. I fell in love with her and she married me but would never move in saying she didn’t want to change her children’s schools in the middle of the year. There was always some excuse. She took me for tens of thousands of dollars. There’s no telling who else she has used. She is a pure sociopath and will use anything she can to get money out of you and that’s all she cares about. She lived two hours away from me and she always made the trip to come and see me. When she was here she was constantly on her phone texting. She even had her little kids lie to me. I don’t know if her man there knows what she did or not because she lies to everybody. She couldn’t tell the truth to save her life. He probably doesn’t know she’s married to me either. I’ve had enough and I’ve lost enough to this woman and she has destroyed enough people’s lives.

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  1. She called tonight and asked me to take this down. Apparently she didn’t tell her children’s fathers that she was married. We met on POF 11-13-2010. We got married 11-13-12. It’s in the Clermont County Ohio public records. Last time she was here was November 9th. She is a piece of work. I think the only true thing she has told me was her name and I’m not really even sure about that

  2. I also forgot to mention how she lied about being pregnant twice when she got caught in lies. The first time was when she got caught lying about where she lived. She then claimed to live with a preacher and was suddenly pregnant.

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