Heidi Sheldon Smith – Hartford, Indiana

This company s***k works for Cigna and loves to fish her conquests off the company pier. Let her know your with the man she’s hoping on and she’ll lie to your face, give you a sad story about how it happened to her and how she called it quits. First chance she gets she’s taking him for another ride. Plays the game. May her son find out one day what a nasty tramp mommy is.

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  1. Cigna of Indiana just promoted Heidi Sheldon Smith to Assistant Director of FishPier. She’s been working that pier for 2 1/2 years and knows the ins and outs very well. Her former boss is now her boyfriend and he was transferred to the other side of the lake. While not ideal, it allowed them both to remain working for the company, it served to pacify those who wanted them both fired for his infidelity – he told everyone he was happily married before she threw caution to the wind, and actively chased him around the lake and jumped his bone.

  2. Did I say “jump his bone?” I meant to say, baited his hook.
    My apologies, please don’t misconstrue anything.
    She got her new man and a promotion.
    It;s all good

  3. When this girl throw party everybody comes! She gets rid of the ones who are poopers and waits for the right time to turn things up a couple notches with hard-drinking games, winking and letting you know if your doing more than drinking you have to share. This usually leads to adult fun. If your not interested in that you don’t get invited back.

  4. Heidi likes to put her family-girl face on for the world, except when it comes to f*****g the most boys. She’s a fierce competitor and will even cheat with a married man when it comes to beating another girl to the c**k. The mask comes off fast and the zipper comes down faster!

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