Hannah Lutz — Fort Wayne, Indiana

Don’t ever get caught up with this ho. What’s the most disgusting thing this w***e has done in her life? She lied and said she doesn’t do sexual favors for money. She’s been looking and planning how to make the most cash in the quickest way possible. She thought, after much research, “sugar-baby”, that’s what she could do. Be a live-in little s**t and pretend she goes to college. And, of course, the cuddling didn’t sound half bad when she was doing her research. She wants to be semi-famous and she’s halfway there, it will all work out as soon as her research shows her how to get there the easy way.

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  1. One look at these pictures and u kno this Ho is working out the angles to show her best w***e features. A price list would be straight forward. $10.00 – head, $15.00 – s*x, $16.50 – b**t s*x, etc. She shops at the thrift store and doesn’t need a lot of money. Attention is another thing, she needs it poured on her like hot butter.

  2. Fort Wayne must have have really lenient prostitution laws or the authorities just overlook alot and let drd’s take there toll in the state of Indiana. This trick, Hannah does move around alot, though, never stays in one motel too long.

  3. She always itching herself. What up with that? She don’t charge you much but always hit your phone up want you to come back do her again. She smell like she don’t wash it up to good just every 3 or 4 dudes.

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