Greg Bryson — Brownsburg, Indiana

women of all ages and races…beware. This man is dangerous and very good at what he does…manipulate and abuse. He is charming and romantic and will sweep you off your feet while promising the world. He will make u feel special, loved and protected…the scary thing is you only need protecting from HIM! I dated this man for nearly five years. We were engaged to be married and bought a beautiful home together…way out in the woods. It was like a lil slice of heaven…until we moved in together and his entire personality changed. He became VERY aggressive sexually and began beating me and emotionally destroying my self~worth. Eventually…he tried to kill me by beating me with a 2×4 breaking many bones in my body…including my nose, ribs, hands, arms, and leg. This occurred 2 years ago and I’m still healing and hiding from him. My hosp bills alone are currently at $8000. This is NOT a joke. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS MAN!

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