Elizabeth Grace — Indianapolis, Indiana

She is a drug addict living together and not going to meetings. That how s**t starts and more s**t when her boyfriend gets out and finds out his body baby is way past him, she has all the dopeboys on speedial and barely remembers his little d**k. She heard they f**k each other in jail and that sounds s****y to her. Her puss is for earning drug money.

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  1. She still got the nose ring for his chain if he get out before she move to another city. She getting well known and might need to go spread some dirty love in another city, spread the funk

  2. She rolling in the deep do-doo of the crapper that won’t flush in the dopehouse. Dirty b***h stink and clean her p***y with napkins from McDonald. She got caught stealing used panties from another b***h staying there and said she was just going to wash them up real good and use them for a date.

  3. She like to creep on a motha f***a and has to be pulled back in by the nose to do her job and makes my money. This b***h is my property and she works for me.

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