Alexander Bournes — Gary, Indiana

Deadbeat father of 4, my bad, 5, just found out about another one. Has never paid a dime of child support and has the nerve to ask one of the mothers to sign documents to say he is all caught up on 25,000 worth of payments so he can keep his license. To top it all off says he has a terminal disease, no insurance, and won’t sign papers for the child’s mom to take out a policy to ensure her child will be taken care of. He has had 1 job that lasted a matter of months in all his 39 years on this earth. BEWARE LADIES! He will charm you always saying he has dreams and aspirations of becoming a rapper, model, business owner, and the list goes on. At this point he should be thinking of his kids 2 at his mother’s house indefinitely, the newest back and forth from Gary to Indianapolis, 1 in college {thank goodness} and 1 that will be starting high school all raised by someone other than him. Ladies if you can deal with a man who constantly makes excuses for not having a job, not having any money, still living at home with his mother, why he is dependent on prescription drugs, and why he has never been a father to his children then this guy is for you!

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