Trenton Wieties – Married Cheat – STD – Illinois

Trenton Wieties is a Liar and Married Cheater that will use you for S*x one time and then vanish. He uses a fake name in my case John White, but other reported him using name Shane, John, etc. He uses stories of his kids to relate to you, he uses Military as a way to make himself sound chivalrous. He tells stories of heartbreak saying he caught his ex wife sleeping around and left her. He will have unprotected s*x with you then cut off phone number and any online acct you were communicating with. He is married to a Sarah Wieties and trashes her the entire time but only uses her first name. From what I found online about Trent he has a STD. I am being tested and pray he didn’t give me something. Look online he is all over – once you know his real name and search it you will see. Stay away from him he is a dirty married liar that only wants s*x and it is clear he will never stop using any woman he can find for a one time hook up behind Sarah’s back.

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  1. Trent can only hit it and quit it, he’s married. You wouldn’t let him hit it (maybe) if you knew he is married. He love his wife ever since he took her virginity on top of that dumster behind the Walmarts near her house. But she starting to sound like a cat to him, screech all the time – DON”T BRING ME HOME NO STD, YOU B*****D !

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