Steve Bergsten — West Chicago, Illinois

I have been married for 5 years the man has cheated on all sites, red hot date line he got caught up on all types I looked at the bill on line called the woman I should say girls 19 18 Steven Bergsten who is 48 has received and givin herpes and other things and still is out there spreading, doesn’t care he is addicted to s*x. If you meet him run, still wants to come home to me, but h**l no I am clean. Hate cheaters, love my life and my kids don’t need to die young or give to my kids. Stay clean, you never know who has or worse Steven Bergsten is a man who tells you he loves you but will turn around and cheat, lie going to mom’s house but he is in a sleeeezy motel with a hooker or whatever. He is 48 years old he has raped his own daughter and sister beat his first wife and things I found out from her caused me a good beating. He is not safe and the health dept should tau some kind of symbol for those who have an STD and doesn’t go away herpes is nasty you can’t get rid of it, and nothing stops spreading. Think twice when you hear his name Steven Bergsten, his mom babies him gives him money for cars and stuff, he is a machinist, tool and die, hasn’t worked mooches off parents who are retired, he hates babies I was pregnant he punched me miscarriage, the mental abuse was unreal and the physical was torture, 6 dv cases he got off, hid the mail from court house the date of court he is German and Swedish, mother and dad lives in Schaumburg. Be safe, his sister told me always so do the same.

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