Shelby Watson — Chicago, Illinois

Shelby Watson has cheated on her husband a few times, now she has the dog doing her s*x acts. When a tranny can’t lick it right, try a sloppy old dog kiss, lick it left, lick it right. She saved money by not paying her employees and rented a dog to lick her s****h. She tried to hide the evidence by destroying all records for dog bones, water dishes, and leashes. She tried writing it all off under miscellaneous expenses. She wants her fun and kinky s*x to be tax deductible. Don’t we all.

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  1. This outrageous! This girl way to pretty to be f*****g with dogs. She must make her man very mad for him to tell this secret. She probly cheat with another mans not her husband. Sad see a pretty girl go to the dogs.

  2. An animal lover is usually only understood by another animal lover. Yo shelby, write off a hotel room and fill the tub with alcohol and get the party started…stay…..strip and hang over the balcony to attract attention and then sit on one of the guys attention spans, I’ll film it for internet sales….roll over….good girl. Do about sixteen more times and we’ll wrap it up. You’re such a good girl, you get another bone…no,no,no, don’t lick me, I know where your tongue has been, bad girl, down, get down.

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